The Freedom Fire Department in Freedom, New Hampshire is raising money to purchase a Snowbulance in the memory of a fellow firefighter's son who died on snowmobile this last winter, according to the Newbury Port News.

Bob Haynes, a longtime firefighter and EMT, lost his son Chris when he hit an ice shelf and catapulted off his snowmobile.

Chris was rescued from the accident, but it took the fire department to long to reach him because of the remote area.

"In Chris' case, the fire department had to borrow a piece of equipment from another town to transport him to an ambulance. With rib, back, and head injuries, a person lying in the cold waiting to be transported is in real trouble," wrote Arthur Allen in the Newbury Port News.

The fire department and the Haynes' family are working hard at getting enough donations to pay for a top of the line snow ambulance.

A snow ambulance could be towed on the back of a snowmobile or ATV, and it is the best way to get an injured person out of a snow-covered terrain.

"All he could think of was what he would have wanted for his beloved son, Chris, when he was in trouble. He wants someone else's loved one to get the quick and efficient care that this type of equipment can help provide," wrote Allen.

Donations should be sent to the Freedom Fire Department, In Memory of Chris Haynes, PO Box 129, Freedom NH 03836.

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