Polaris announced on May 18 the creation of the On-Road Vehicle Division in an effort to establish a significant on-road presence, according to a Polaris press release.

The new division will use Polaris' existing skills in a way to maximize growth for Victory Motorcycles and other on-road products and brands.

"Victory Motorcylces, with its strong brand recognition and customer loyalty will be one of the major components of our new On-Road Vehicle Division that we're announcing today," said Scott Wine, Chief Executive Officer of Polaris Industries.

Polaris, also, announced moves in managemetn to set the foundation of the new division. Mark Blackwell, previously the leader of day-to-day operations of Victory Motorcycles, would become Vice President of Motorcycles.

"Blackwell's deep knowledge of products and markets in the motorcycle industry will continue to be an invaluable asset to the Victory brand and all other on-road vehicles," said Polaris' spokesperson in the press release.

Current Vice President of Sales & Corporate Marketing, Mike Jonikas, has been appointed as Vice President of the On-Road Vehicle Division.

"In this position, Jonikas will be responsible for rapidly growing the on-road business for Polaris including strategic direction for Victory Motorcycles, and any on-road adjacencies we may add in the future," said Polaris' spokesperson.

Steve Menneto has been promoted to the position of General Manager of Victory Motorcycles to lead the sales growth for this business.

"The Victory Motorcycles brand was essentially built from scratch through tireless work in the past ten years," said Bennett Morgan, Chief Operating Officer of Polaris Industries. "Now, by combining the diverse strengths of Mark, Mike and Steve to further develop our long-term strategies in the On-Road Vehicle Division, we are positioning ourselves for continued growth both in the motorcycle industry and, in the bigger picture, across all segments of the on-road marketplace."