The 8th annual Trucks-R-US National Pro Sled Shootout will be going on July 10 through the 12 in Cicero, N.Y.

Planners for this event have named it "the nation's 'Richest and Biggest' asphalt sled race."

The events will include Heads-up Quick 16 classes for the Power-adder, All Motor, Pro Stock will be the AMT/4 Quick 16 classes. This new class is set up for modified, naturally aspirated twin cylinder sleds, stock turbo'ed Z1 Cats and modified 4-stroke sleds.

The "granddaddy" event of the weekend, the Trucks-R-US Bracket Bash, will be on Sunday and the pay out is a guranteed $3000.

The events planners are expecting asphalt snowmobile enthusiasts and racers from the Northeast, Canada, and Mid-West.

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