After three weeks on the snow testing our sleds and several days spending face time with the Big 4 PR machines, execs and engineers, we're back in the office for a few days. Gotta crank out all the new product info for you ... but as always, we can't just tell you everything in one blast.

The manufacturers each have embargos for news releases on new 2011 models, so they'll trickle out to you over the next 6 weeks. We already got a few rides on new machines, so you'll see a sneak peek of a new Yamaha already on our site and we've told you that Ski-Doo has launched an 800 E-TEK 2-stroke. Full details on that Yamaha sled are coming Feb. 2, along with its entire 2011 lineup. So tune into the site that day and sign up for our email newsletter and you'll get all the news delivered right to your inbox for each of the manufacturers.

Other dates to keep an eye out for new sled news:
Feb. 2 - Yamaha 2011 lineup
Feb. 5 - A new Polaris sled
Feb. 12 - Another new Polaris sled
Feb. 23 - Ski-Doo 2011 lineup
March 3 - Arctic Cat 2011 lineup
March 9 - Polaris 2011 lineup

Note too that times we can release the info vary, so some releases may be late on those dates. Again, the best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter ... or buy our Spring issue on the newsstand! See ya .... Gotta get back to writing up all the details!