By American Snowmobiler

When Yamaha's Snowmobile Product Manager Rob Powers (seen below) asked me to go ride dirt bikes with him in northern Wisconsin on a couple single-track trails, I couldn't say yes fast enough. We checked out two different locations the first being Knobby Ridge and the other being the Black River Falls trails near Crawford Hills.

The majority of our group was on 4-stroke Yamaha bikes and you can't beat the tractor-like pull of these compared to the 2-strokers. I got the chance to ride a new 450F which may have been a little out of my league for a guy who only stands 5-foot 6-inches and had never ridden a dirt-bike bigger than a 250 2-stroke. None-the-less it was a fantastic experience and this type of tight trail riding is a rush and a darn good work-out as well!

If you're looking for something to keep you busy this summer and cure your itch to be out in the woods on something motorized, you should try single track riding. Here are a couple links to places to check out in Wisconsin and Michigan.

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-By Mark Boncher