Polaris has announced their race sled for the 2011-2012 season.

Polaris snowmobile racers will be driving a new 2012 Polaris 600 IQ race sled. The sled features race-ready suspension calibration that carried Polaris racers to podium finishes in the second half of last season.

The 2012 Polaris 600 IQ Race Sled also features the Liberty 600 engine and a white hood with retro graphics that were featured on Polaris production and racing sleds in the 1970s and '80s.

Plus, technology developed through racing is now enhancing the riding experience of enthusiasts. The Independent Front Suspension (IFS) that provides easy steering and responsive handling in the race sled is now used on several model year 2012 Polaris consumer snowmobiles.

Polaris Snowmobile Racing Manager Tom Rager, Sr., said the race sled's suspension setup was fine-tuned throughout last season, so racers will take delivery of 2012 race sleds that are ready to hit the track.

"We have Ben Hayes, who previously worked with Fox Racing Shox and Walker Evans Racing, as our in-house suspension specialist, and he worked really hard on setups last season," Rager said.

The current setup features revised shock valving and stiffer rear torsion springs than racers started with on the 2011 Race Sled.