If you haven't made plans already, come on down, over, up to US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan this Friday through Sunday. The fastest drag sleds in the world will be on the track,plus hundreds of vendors, vintage displayers, and swap meet sellers will be on hand as well at the MSA All Sports Show.

Gates for the show, swap meet, and race practicing open on Friday afternoon at 2pm - 10pm. The big day is Saturday and the show, swap and tons of racing will be going all day Saturday from 9am - Dark.  Racing continues on Sunday as well with the biggest sleds on the planet hitting the track battling head to head top speeds and times. For even more information see our advertisment here!


Click the image to view an enlarged parking map.




Attendees, swappers or vendors with questions call the Michigan Snowmobile Association at 616-361-2285 or visit www.msasnow.org

Racers with questions can visit our racing forums here. http://cs.amsnow.comforums/14.aspx or call / email Jamie Bellman at 574-546-2342, jamie.bellman@bellmanoil.com or call / email Mark Boncher at 262-798-6453, mboncher@amsnow.com