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    Yamaha Ventures further into touring, plus adds a new kid’s sled

    Posted by AmSnow
    on Friday, March 02, 2012

     Yamaha charges into the 2013 model year with four new models covering everything from big to little (and we mean LITTLE).

    After opening the technology spigot the past two seasons by rolling out electric power steering on its mainstream Apex, Vector and Venture models, Team Blue pushes more heavily into the off-trail crossover market and the touring segment where it already is extremely strong. Plus it introduces a true entry-level sled aimed at the wee ones.

    We already told you about Yamaha's rider-forward 130-horse Nytro 1.75  that takes aim at the off-trail boondocking crowd with a deeper lugged track and new skis.

    In addition, Yamaha brings two Venture models, previously sold only in Canada, down to the states. And finally, the lightest Yamaha ever, an SRX 120 debuts for the youngest youngsters.

    Yamaha also makes a variety of improvements to various Nytro models and an upgrade for the stout, useful utility sled, the RS Viking Professional.

    Here's the inside scoop for those new models, beyond the early-intro Nytro 1.75.

     All Nytros improved

    Yamaha makes a load of upgrades to improve all Nytro models handling.

    That starts with a new Yamaha ski, the Tuner Dual-Keel Ski, which AmSnow's early testing shows us is much less darty and provides more predictable handling and easier steering.

    The compression molded Tuner features two keels and two runners that are slightly angled to improve snow evacuation, letting the runners do a better job. For those keeping track they are about 1 lb. lighter per ski than the previous 8HV skis.

    Nytro also goes on a bit of a diet, lightening up by roughly 10 lbs. The new skis and runners are about 2.2 lbs. of that, while new HPG Fox front shocks cut 2.5 lbs. and thinner torsion springs lop off another 2.1 lbs. Smaller gains of about a pound each come from a new HPG rear shock, thinner, smaller windshield and the RipSaw II track. There are some appearance changes too. (Subscribers can read the full details by clicking here.)

    Venturing forth

    Folks looking for two-up touring and multi-purpose sleds get some Yamaha love this season as Yamaha brings two new Venture models to the United States.

    Yamaha will introduce the Venture TF in the U.S. for 2013. Its claim to fame is an articulated ProComfort CK 151 rear suspension, fully adjustable passenger seat with hard-top trunk and a standard tow hitch. Naturally the TF also features the same strong fuel-injected 3-cylinder 4-stroke as in other Venture models, plus EPS, electric power steering.

    A Venture MP also comes to the U.S., based off the Venture Lite platform. It features a large bumper and float plate, the ProComfort 144 rear suspension, KYB gas cell front shocks, a tow hitch and 16-inch wide RipSaw track with 1.25-inch lugs. Like the Venture TF, it also features wide utility skis.

    But this is a lighter model powered by Yamaha's 85-horse 2-cylinder 4-stroke used in the Venture Lite and Phazer models.

    The RS Viking Professional also receives some upgrades, including a new tubular cargo rack in back and a blow-molded extra wide utility ski.

    For the mountain market the Nytro MTX 162 adds a mountain strap, lighter weight low and thinner windshield and dual controls for hand and thumb warmers. It also comes with a blacked out front suspension like other Nytro models.

    Last year Yamaha introduced an optional dealer-added Mountain Performance Inc. turbo kit for the MTX. This generates roughly 180 horsepower to give it a lot more gusto at high altitudes and is suggested for use only above 6,500 feet.

    The turbo costs $4,039 normally at the dealers, but Yamaha has a Spring Buy Special that allows you to add the turbo for $1,500.

     Kids get something fun this year too, with a new SRX 120, a youth market sled aimed at the pre-school and single-digit agers. The SRX is exactly the same as an Arctic Cat Sno Pro 120, Yamaha provides the 123cc 4-stroke engine and Cat builds the rest of the sled. Yamaha has been providing the same engine to Cat for several years. Top speed is 8 mph and naturally the Yamaha version is blue!

    Yamaha plans a Spring Power Surge program again this year. The deal is zero cash down and no payments for six months, plus up to $800 in customer cash to spend at the dealer, and a 3-year warranty, still unheard of from any other manufacturer. You also get a snazzy new 45th anniversary Yamaha jacket. Sweet!

    Subscribers can get more information on the full lineup of 2013 Yamaha's including the Apex and Vector, a sidebar on the new SRX 120 and another sidebar on the Tuner Duel Keel skis by reading the full magazine story here.



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