MSA sells Snowmobile Trails App for phones

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 Michigan Snowmobile Association, MSA, has developed a snowmobile trail App for Android and iPhones.

It is called MSASNOW.COM Snowmobile Trails Application, and it has just been approved by Apple for iPhone application.

The App will cost $2.99 at the App Store and Google Play Store.

Smart phone users will be able to check for up to date trail conditions.

The trail reports will come from a network of trail groomers.

The report will include time and date of reports, local weather and trail maps.

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  • Not available on iTunes yet

  • Polaris has an ap available for free. Works pretty good too

  • Support your state association and buy the app.  You want free maps yet you can afford to buy a $12,000+ new sled??  Losers.   Last time I checked, it costs money to print them.  

  • I have the free Polaris app but for $2.99...I'll be downloading that!  Hope the reports are updated regularly throughout the season.  Now if Fishweb will just release an app too......

  • Yes ,$2.99 is extremely cheap for what you get and that will save snowmobilers a lot of fuel by not getting lost and missing turns, and going miles out of your way.

  • You need to put in "mi trail"  when searching iTunes

  • Hey Artdcat, I was just sharing some information. You respond by calling me a loser?  Way out of line!  Apparently your mom must want u to move out of the basement. Try the YMCA. Don't drop the soap tho

MSA sells Snowmobile Trails App for phones