Looking for snow: Free trip to Antarctica?

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 United States Antarctica Program at McMurdo Station Antarctica is looking for snowmobile mechanics who want to come to McMurdo Station Antarctica for six month contracts.

Mechanics are needed for the two seasons of operation, summer and winter.

Winter starts in February and ends in August and then the summer season starts.

Over the winter a fleet of 150 machines are serviced and prepared for the scientists who work down there in the summer.

Room and board are provided and all travel costs are covered to get here.

"We provide the tools and a nice warm modern shop to work in and pay a very competitive salary, " said Anthony Buchanon, manager of the Snowmobile fleet for the United States Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station Antarctica.

 For more information e-mail Anthony.Buchanan.Contractor@usap.gov

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  • Very tempting! I would consider doing it if I wasn't already going to school.

Looking for snow: Free trip to Antarctica?