Freestyle competitor Caleb Moore treated for heart condition

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 Snowmobile freestyle competitor, Caleb Moore underwent surgery for a heart contusion Friday morning after he suffered serious injuries in the Snowmobile Freestyle finals Thursday night at Winter X Games Aspen, according to ESPN's X Games website.

Moore came up short on an indy air backflip attempt, augering into the snow as his 450-pound sled tumbled over him. Moore was knocked unconscious in the crash, and he was evaluated for a concussion and other injuries Thursday night.

"While Caleb was being evaluated late last night, he developed bleeding around the heart and was urgently flighted to Grand Junction [Colo.]," according to an X Games Medical report issued Friday morning. "He underwent surgery this morning. The procedure went well, and Caleb is currently in ICU with a heart contusion."

His brother Colten Moore, also injured during the Snowmobile Freestyle final, was treated overnight at Aspen Valley Hospital for a separation of the pelvis (pubic diastasis) and will not require surgery, according to X Games Medical.

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  • How many more guys are going to have to get maimed before the snowmobie press quits endorsing this ***. Does Levi Lavalee have to die live on TV before all these idiots realize this does nothing to promote the sport. Jumping over 400 ft ,so what.

    This *** belongs with figure skating and rythmic gymnastics. Whats next you race the I-500 or Eagle River but lose based on an artistic points score because you put your duct tape on wrong!

Freestyle competitor Caleb Moore treated for heart condition