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    Todd Myers announces retirement from racing

    Posted by AmSnow
    on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    Todd Myers announced his retirement from Cor PowerSports Racing.

    However, Myers will continue with the operations of Cor PowerSports.

    Below is the statement he released.

    As most of you know this past week has been a very challenging one for me with the loss of my father and then my mother being hospitalized for 4 days but what you didn't know is how challenging the past 7 months have been... Back last August I had been having more back pain than normal, after racing for 18 seasons the pain is an everyday thing, so I made an appointment with a spine specialist. We did X-Rays, CT scan, and a MRI and the news was not good, I have severe disc damage to my L3, L4, L5, & S1 vertebrae... We immediately started a spinal injection therapy into the effected discs and the first couple months went real well so I continued life as normal but then Oct 25 while at the gym working with my trainer to get prepared for the race season I all of sudden felt a pop and immediately dropped to my knees, this is why I went to the spine specialist because of episodes like this but never this severe.

     Turns out with these compressed discs I also have multiple micro-fractures that are pinching the 8 nerves associated with the discs. After about a week the pain subsided enough we tried another round of steroid injections but these had no effect so we started two rounds of lumbar diagnostic tests. These tests consist of the Dr placing needles directly against the spine and doing low dose nerve block to see how the nerves would react to lumbar ablation. During both sessions I was not allowed any pain meds so we knew for sure that it was the nerve block helping my pain. When it wore off the pain was absolutely intense!! I had to endure this twice per the insurance requirements to make sure I was a candidate. The Dr said the results showed that I absolutely was a candidate so we provided the insurance company the test results and they denied the treatment and wanted me to try physical therapy and chiropractic treatment before the ablation. I have been dealing with back issues for almost my entire race career so of course I had already tried all those options and this was a hail mary effort as the only other alternative was permanently fusing the vertebrae. By the time I received the denial and started the appeal process it was New Years, so I had missed 9 weeks of work, training, and riding... During the appeal process I asked my doctor to allow me to return to work as I would be in pain either way. They gave me the ok and told me to do everything I normally would so to me that was a green light to return to racing as well. I competed at the Cor PowerSports race in Hayward on Jan 19th and won the 4 Stroke class but the following day I could hardly move so I knew my racing days were numbered. The week before the second race I got a call from the Dr the appeal had been approved and I would be able to get the ablation, which I got my first treatment yesterday. As I lay on the table for the treatment for almost two hours and 32 injection pokes later I made the decision that every racer dreads, this is my last full season of racing. It is just too hard on my body to try and compete at the level I know I can but my back is holding me back so I need to do what is best for my family. I will be racing the 2014 USXC I-500 as that is one race that I have not been able to check off my bucket list. I have a special event in May that will be the perfect way to end my career and I have decided to dedicate this event to my Father who passed away on Feb 3rd. Over the past 19 seasons the Lord has protected me from major injury and provided me with great friends and sponsors. Over the years I have raced for all 4 brands, won many championships in both snocross and cross country, but what I cherish the most is all the friends and memories I have made over the years. I got my first snowmobile when I was 5 years old and it was a Yamaha 338 so I think it is fitting that my racing career would also end on a Yamaha snowmobile.

    I now can focus more time on the Cor PowerSports ministry & series as well as Jeremy & Haley's racing careers. I will also continue to oversee the Port Yamaha / Cor PowerSports team next season as this is great exposure for the Cor PowerSports ministry and our sponsors. You will also see me around at various trade shows and summer events we are going to concentrate on full time ministry with Cor PowerSports but I will also be there representing Curve Ind as I am their national race director. I cannot thank everyone enough for everything that they have done over the years but this is not the end of my story in racing, just one chapter closing. For every door that the Lord closes he opens another one!!
    Sincerely, Todd Myers

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