Marc McKenna and Dusty VanMeter won their second consecutive victory in the Iron Dog on February 23 at 12:30pm in Fairbanks, Alaska.

McKenna, from Anchorage, and VanMeter, from Kasilof, had a time in of 12:38:41. Their average speed was 57.22 mph.

The seven day and 2,000 mile snowmobile ride through Alaska’s cold backcountry ended Saturday with the team winning $50,000, according to the Alaska Dispatch.

McKenna and VanMeter both drove Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Four of the top five teams drove Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

Tyler Aklestad, Palmer, Alaska, and Tyson Johnson, from Eagle River, Alaska, came in second with a time of 13:29:26 and average speed of 55.94 mph.

There was no surprise as to who would win after the closest competition broke down on the Yukon River and reached the checkpoint an hour behind McKenna and VanMeter.

There were 39 teams that started the race and 20 teams that finished.

Early Friday, Eric Quam and Brian Dick's team were closing in on McKenna and VanMeter. But, Quam's Cat broke down and had to be towed by Dick's snowmobile to Tanana. It added more than hours difference between the two teams. Halfway to Fairbanks on Saturday, Quam and Dick broke down again.
Iron Dog Top 5 Finishers:
1) Marc McKenna and Dusty VanMeter, Ski-Doo, 36 hours, 58 minutes, 54 seconds.
2) Tyler Aklestad and Tyson Johnson, Ski-Doo, 37:49:39.
3) Mike Morgan and Chris Olds, Polaris, 38:17:22.
4) Brad George and Aaron Bartel, Ski-Doo, 38:19:24.
5) Scott Davis and Todd Palin, Ski-Doo, 39:00:35.