For 2014 Polaris gives more sleds, more options, more fun!

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 The 2-stroke is not dead! If anything Polaris believes it is healthier than ever in the snowmobile biz. It’s betting on it!The newest technologically enhanced version of the iconic Indy brand will go viral for 2014.

Last year saw the intro of the 600 Indy and Indy SP, but now there are 8 additional Indy models. These are all 2-strokes and Polaris says they can easily meet the EPA regulations with the amount of credits and clean EFI sleds in its lineup.

The most anticipated new 2-stroke trail sled is the new 800cc Indy and there are Limited Edition models that come with the 1-inch lugged HackSaw track, Fox shocks and one-piece hooked handlebars.  But on the other end of the engine spectrum there is also the new 550 Indy 121-inch, the top value trail sled in Polaris’ line, replacing the Shift that sold for $6,399. This one gets a new CVTech primary and secondary clutch system. There’s a bevy more Indy sleds including an all new crossover Voyager line that has both the 550 fan and 600 CFI motors available.

 Both the 600 and 800 Rush will also still be available and these and several other sleds will be available in Limited Edition spring models. The Rush Pro-R comes with the WE compression and rebound adjustable shocks and a deeper 1.352 lug Cobra track and Rox riser below the bars too.

 Don’t forget to check out the new for 2014 Switchback Assault 600 with the same W.E. needle shocks and lightweight rotor and jackshaft as the 800 as well as many more new updates from Polaris.  (You can subscribe today and get all the details about the complete sled lineups here, or by picking up the Spring issue of American Snowmobiler at your local newsstand.)


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  • One word DISAPPOINTING!!!!! Polaris is doing the same thing they did in the late 90s, small improvement to same machines. Where r the new DI engines? same old SDI engines, Yes the 600 SDI was top of class for awhile but now even that is behind in power and fuel mileage. As for the 800 it's a joke when being compared to other manufactures 800s! Unless there have been changes to the Engines that were not mentioned here i will be switching brands and snow checking a new Ski-doo. Sorry Polaris, been a faithful customer for a long time just tired of being behind as far as new tech and engines that always seem to b under powered when comparing. No i didn't forget the 600 but that's old now to.

  • I couldn't have said it any better myself...  iq miller lite summed it up very well....

  • Thanks polaris, looking at your lineup makes me feel like i'm 33 again. welcome to the 90;s awl over again. very poor effort! no new 4-stroke, 15 year old controls, no new technology what so ever. its easy to see how ski-doo is dominating this sport another new 4-stroke again this year! wake up bluestar!

  • Was a loyal customer of this company even through the explosions of my big twin 800 in the 2003 model. They have not impressed me since my xcr800. My 06 apex rolled off 11,000 trouble free exciting miles when I could not put together a weekend of trouble free miles on that POS twin two stroke. Once the major players told us we needed light twin powered two strokes they all lost me. I tried but when I demoed the introduction year of the Apex I was sold! I have been out of the sport for two seasons now and if I come back it would not be to these bums.

  • So sad, my husband is a Polaris faithful, but he is switching. We ride groomed trails as do many others. We are not interested in mountain riding or ditch banging but that seems to be all Polaris is paying any attention to at all. It seems they are much more focused on their motorcycles and ATV's. Where is a new 4 stroke? I could go on and on but Polaris refuses to see the need for a really good trail sled as well as much needed new technology. I guess they don't really care how many faithfuls they lose.

  • You guy`s crack me up, You want a 4 stroke--see ya!!  I ride with bombi`s and Yamaha 4 bangers and if we putt  along they are happy, but when you turn it up a notch after a while, they start backing off, as far as gas mileage not enough of a diff to justify, with all this high tech on these sleds is a joke, bombi for example there is always some thing screwing on their new sleds, all this high tech you cry about is a joke.

For 2014 Polaris gives more sleds, more options, more fun!