Pink Ribbon Riders held seven events on the tour and over 675 people participated this year.

The tours started in January at the 7th Annual Minnesota Snow Run then onto N.D., Mich. and half way thru the tour it went east to the 9th Annual New York Snow Run then onto Wis.  With the last two events left on the tour we headed west and wrapped up at Colo. and Wyo.

As of today Pink Ribbon Riders has given 1,316 financial gift cards out. That is $658,000 to people directly!  PRR averages $20,000 - $43,500 a month, with February 2013 being our highest month of $43,500 given to people in need.  Since July 1, 2012 to the current day Pink Ribbon Riders has given $40,500 to Wisconsin patients.

To date the 2013 Snow Run Tour event totals are $47,500 in Minn., $45,200 in N.D., $50,000 in Mich., $44,200 in N.Y., $54,200 in Wis., $23,100  in Colo. and $38,700 in Wyo.

As of April 29,2013 the 2013 Snow Run Tour has raised $302,900 with the 7 Snow Run events. Last year in 2012 the Snow Run’s raised $331,600.

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