Tread Lightly has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America  in the Scouts' Outdoor Ethics Program, according to Tread Lightly's Trails Spring Issue.

Tread Lightly is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting the great outdoors for outdoor recreational use.

Beginning this year, Tread Lightly's message and principles are now officially part of the curriculum for a Scout to earn the new Outdoor Ethics award.

The new program has three components:
- An Awareness Award is tailored for youth and adults just joining the program that introduces them to the outdoor ethics principles.  The award is a patch and is earned once by an BSA member.

-The Action Award is tailored for youth that have been participating in the BSA program and wish to deepen their understanding of outdoor ethics and improve their skills in implementing them. This youth award is a specially designed name tag and may be earned at each BSA program level.

- Service Recognition award recognizes youth or adults who have completed advanced training as a Leave No Trace Trainer or Master Educator or a Tread Lightly Tread Trainer or Master Tread Traiiner or have served as a council Outdoor Ethics Advocate or staffer on traineing courses. The recipient has used the training to help teach others outdoor ethics principles.