The American Council of Snowmobile Associations held their annual DC Fly-In recently.

The event brings together the volunteer state snowmobile leadership from across the country.  This year representatives from 16 states were in attendance. 
ACSA, the Midwest Chapter and the Western Chapter held meetings on Sunday.  Monday was a full day of updates with speakers from the agencies, congressional staff, and partners.  Among the issues discussed were the recent court decision in Idaho, as well as other Forest Service issues such as budgets, sequestration, and the planning rule.  Yellowstone and the Proposed Rule were discussed, as were Ethanol Fuels, RTP, and new legislation introduced to limit the designation of new National Monuments. 

The council, also, learned the impact the overall budget is having on all issues.  The budget is looming over many issues, limiting discussion and progress on many issues and will continue to do so until there is some progress in the deficit spending.
Tuesday was a full day of meetings with the elected officials from the snowbelt states.
"Tell the Truth About Snowmobiling" was once again the moto used by the snowmobilers making the trek to Washington.