Average snowmobiler is now 43 years old

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 The average age of a snowmobiler this past season increased to 43 years of age, according to International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association.  

The average age increased slightly due to the fact that many younger adults are struggling to pay off school loans and are struggling due to the slower growth of the economy.

Surveys conducted by ISMA have shown that slightly over 70% of first-time buyers in the snowmobile market purchased a used snowmobile.  Many of them are young adults and they move on to purchase a new snowmobile later in life.

The majority of snowmobilers in North America are Club members and/or Association-Federation members (over 50%).  These active, involved snowmobilers build the trails and support snowmobiling access.  They are also active charity fundraisers who raised over $3.4 million dollars for National Charities last year.

The Go Snowmobiling website serves as another strong indicator for the interest in snowmobiling.  This year more than 4.4 million visited the Go Snowmobiling site.  This is a 15% increase above last year.  Approximately 20% of those visitors are individuals who do not own a snowmobile but are expressing a great deal of interest in owning a snowmobile and going snowmobiling.

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  • I'd love to be average...I'm 56 years old

  • Ditto....56 here also...

Average snowmobiler is now 43 years old