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    Meet the all-electric Taiga TS2: The Future of Snowmobiling?

    Posted by Tyler Nelson
    on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

     We know that a lot of you are going to be very skeptical with this concept. Some of you are going to be downright against it. In the automobile world, we've seen the full-electric car go from impractical dream to something people see every day and have even become used to. I remember watching video of the Tesla Roadster concept and thinking that it was a novelty that only a few would be able to afford and that it would be a soon-forgotten fad. Not only has the electric car become a reality for conserving natural resources, its straight-line performance can only be matched by elite hyper-cars.

     Just about a year ago, we brought you a small story about Taiga, the Canadian startup trying to produce the world's first production electric snowmobile - which you can read here. Taiga officially unveiled their creation to the world on March 1, 2018 when hosted a small group of media in Mont-Tremblant to showcase their battery-powered sled.

    The TS2 weighs in at around 500 pounds, which is comparable to the weight of some of the lighter sleds being produced by the big four OEMs today. The folks at Taiga are also claiming that it will do 0-60 mph in about three seconds, which is pretty good for a snowmobile, but not other-worldly fast. Most of the demo sleds we had this year would do 0-60 in the mid- to high-threes or low-fours.

     Track lengths for the TS2 will range from 137 to 154 inches and lug-heights will go from 1.2 to 3.0 inches. That's just about where the similarities to a standard, internal-combustion snowmobile stop.

    The computer in the TS2 is fully connected to easily update to the latest software version. Integrated GPS for course mapping and accurate range estimation are also staples of their operating system. LTE - like what you find on your cell phone - Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with user-adjustable performance parameters make this sled - on paper at least - a very customizable and unique machine.

    The front-end of the TS2 uses a mono-shock design in the middle of the two A-arms, to help with stability and roll-stiffness. They're trying for better handling without lifting a ski off the ground.

    With no CVT to worry about, the direct belt-drive power train provides instant torque and silky-smooth acceleration with zero maintenance. I don't know how many videos you've seen of unsuspecting passengers in a Tesla, getting their first taste of "Ludicrous mode," but if you haven't, it seems like a hoot!

     The thermally controlled lithium-ion battery powers a PMAC motor that puts out 250N.m. of torque. Compare that number to the 1250N.m. of torque put out by the best-performing Tesla Model S, which equates to over 900 lb/ft in standard automobile terms. That roughly puts the TS2 at around 200 lb/ft of torque, which is very good for a snowmobile.

    Range is probably the main question for the curious, but still skeptical consumer. Taiga claims that the TS2 can do 100 km on a full charge. The on-board charger that comes standard can fully charge the battery in two hours. There is an option for a DC fast charge that can put the battery to about 80% in 20 minutes.

     Down payments are being accepted on their website now, but buyers can expect to wait 12 to 18 months for delivery. Different options are available for utility, touring, crossover and mountain machines. There's even a two-up conversion you can order. With the starting price of $15k, if this machine performs as well as the people at Taiga think it will, this thing could be a real contender soon!

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