Last week I had the fortunate opportunity to put some miles on the new 3/4-sized 4-stroke snowmobiles from Premier Industries. I spent a day in the far northern reaches of Michigan's Upper Peninsula test riding and talking with owner Chris Bell.  Here's my initial thoughts.

1.) These 200 and 300cc 4-stroke sleds are extremely stable.                                                                                      

2.) The sleds have responsive steering on the trails.

3.) The front and rear suspensions are extremely capable even with a 175lb. rider like myself on them.

4.) Top speed with a 175 lb. rider on the 300 Enforcer seemed to be about 35mph, but was around 45 miles an hour with a smaller teenage rider on it and that's plenty fast.

5.)  The sled was still in pre-production phase, but has all the bells and whistles on it that current full-sized sled come with.

6.)  The fun factor is high on these sleds!

7.)  The projected price range is well under 4,000 which means that these will be affordable machines.















Click here to watch these sleds in action!