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Polaris 600 CFI Changes and 800 Service Bulletin

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Polaris recently announced that all 2010 snowmobiles with the 600 Cleanfire engine will come with the 4-injector fuel injection system, not the 2-injector system as previously stated. This update includes the all new Rush model and the all IQ models.

In addition, Polaris has released a Service Bulletin to its dealers and customers who bought an early build 2009 IQ (otherwise known as a 2008) or full season 2009 Polaris with the 800cc engine in it. Sleds that are covered by the bulletin include the RMK, IQ and the Switchback. The RMK gets a new head, 2-ring piston, and revised fuel injection software (ECU calibration/fuel map). The IQ and Switchback 800s get a new head, 2-ring piston, silencer, and fuel injection software (ECU calibration/fuel map). The update is also compatible with the PURE Polaris SLP silencer, so if you have already installed this as an accessory you will not need to install the new silencer.

The new silencer for the IQ and Switchback has been designed to replace the original, stock silencer for snowmobiles that are engineered for, and primarily operated at, low elevations. For the majority of engine updates that will be performed, cylinder replacement will not be necessary. However, it is important that dealerships hone the cylinders as part of this update or, if that is not possible, the cyclinders will be warrantied.  

Customers with affected units should contact their dealer at their earliest convenience to schedule an 800 update appointment. Once customers receive notification from their dealer that the engine update is complete, Polaris will send a communication confirming that a new limited factory engine warranty has been extended to June 1, 2010. This engine warranty extension is a thank-you, and demonstrates Polaris' confidence in this product.

Customers should also be aware of the importance of using high-quality, clean fuel and know how to use the fuel
selector wires correctly. Always remember that if there is any question to quality or ethanol content of the fuel in the tank,
the fuel selector wires should be unplugged. The fuel selector wires should only be connected when the fuel in
the tank is non-ethanol-premium (91 octane or higher) grade. These wires are on the wiring harness on the clutch guard. The detonation elimination technology (DET) introduced with the new ECU calibration will also be re-calibrated to be more aggressive in not only detecting detonation, but also eliminating it.

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  • Im thinking about buying an 09 Dragon 800 leftover. Whats the bottom line on this sled. I want a fast sled. Is it worth $8000.00 and am I going to be happy with it?

  • I bought mine last season and have been lovin it sense  i cant wait to try the pipe upgrade after warranty if you like to launch you will love the suspension oh yea I paid 9500  

Polaris 600 CFI Changes and 800 Service Bulletin