Snowmobile Ice Drag Racing ET Records for all Classes.

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Snowmobile Ice Drag Racing ET Records for all Classes.

  • Were is a list of classes With the record ET's with Driver Name and year?

    Stock classes 440,500,600,700,& 800

    IMP Stock 500,600,700,800 & 1000

    Pro Stock 700,800 & 1000

    Heavy Mod 500,600,700,800 & 1000

    Open Mod 500,600,700,800 & 1000

    Thank you

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  •     Try the search feature, this was covered not that long ago but I don't remember the posts title.

        There is no such list, and it depends on who ya ask, etc. The ISR rulebook "should" record this but then again they kinda got out of the drag racing scene of late anyway......


    OLLC R&D Division Director

    Pro-Sled Shootout Tech Inspector/Tissue Distributor

  • Ben Mcdonald has a pretty good list of times in all classes. I know the only way on the list is with an actual printed time slip. Don't have is # handy but I'll check around.  
  • the # i have for ben is 1-819-458-2709    Andy

  • Bens photos and Stats were the best.The sport needs more people like him.He took the time to call me and say my sled set the 800hm record in 2001.Maybe AMsnow can start a page for this.I would like to see all race results with ETs/MPH on here after every race like NHRA/IHRA.It seems like everyone in the sport is on here,even if they never post.It should be from a sanctioned race with tech/scales,with time slip from the promoter.Slip should show everything rt/60ft ect ect