good job Tony Big twin shootout

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good job Tony Big twin shootout

  • Way to go tony on the win ,we had fun helping you out ,you ran some great  times,8.72,with the motor going away that was impressive,The SLED-X Team looked real good and did a fantastic job all day,congrats on the win,TODD GUTHRIE  DYNA-TEK PERFORMANCE

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  • You are the man Big T!!!!  Way to go on not giving up in the final with that hurt motor of yours.  Thats why you never give up and run the ball shizo out of it no matter where you stand.  Congrats to you and all your team!!! 

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  • All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone that helped !!!!!!!!!!

    Aldo (complaint department) I could not of done it with out you by my side the whole time !!

    Todd (dynatek racing) The best engine builder.

    Shaun ( l.s.d fabricating) The best fabricator and tuner EVER. 

    Jon ( My biggest fan and deal maker.

    John (Mr. G) My biggest supporter ever

    Kasey (hottie) Lets just say she puts up with me. And keeps us fed.

    Dave ( retired ) for grilling the best brats.

    And to all my friends that have helped me along the way and supported me (you know who you are). I could not do it without you guys and gals !!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Jamie bellman, amsnow and everyone that helps you guys put the BEST race together.

    Tony Morabito

  • Todd thanks again for all the help we all appreciate it you definately saved the day.


    Great Job Tony and AL check it out
  • Tony, your my hero!!!!

  • Great job Tony.For your first time winning anything,you picked a great time to do it.

    Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them?Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?
  • way to go!

  • Great Job!! Awesome   Way to go. 


  • Way to go tony!