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  • I will list as most want to know, So they can change there sleds, As I am going to do. Take affect 6-1-10

    Stock:  Mostly same as last year

    Improved Stock: Mostly same as last year, MY BAD, Rail extensions are legal as it was.   Sorry for the confusion.


    Pro Stock: 1000cc Same as Last year, review in 1 year.

    Pro Stock:  500cc to 800cc,, Engine,Chaincase, upper and lower shaft  location  for the model and in stock location, (NO MOVEMENT),STOCK..,,,,,..Ignitions: MSD 7531 is NOT LEGAL,,,, All other aftermarket ignitions are legal, BUT U can not use , launch control, two step, stutter button, traction control, acceleration control, call it what u want, CANNOT USE.   ALL other rules for prostock stay the same,,,These rules are locked in for 3 years,,,,, REMEMBER if u use a different MSD box and have MSD put in the 7531 internals, OR SIMILAR, that have the controls listed above, THAT IS ILLEGAL, SO PLEASE do not try to manipulate the rules in your favor, as people are already trying to do!!!!!! YES IT CAN BE DETECTED WITH A LAP TOP, DO NOT GET YOURSELF DQ'ed,

    All of u make the change and go race as I am making my changes,  It is amazing more people know what I am doing, then I do myself,

    I never talked to ICEMAN 700 or know who he is.

    I am working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in the worst economy, I can remember in my adult life.

    I do not have time to post again, This is what it is,, MY time will be spent to fix my own sleds and GO fast, As I have done for 29 years,,,  6 of our 10 sleds are ready to race.

    All u Guys needed to do was call your affiliate or isr, and u would have had your answers!!!!!!! STOP listening to HE said, SHE said, or people that have know idea what they are talking about, or do not even drag race, except with there computer.

    ONCE AGAIN I have attended the ISR DRag race meetings for 26 years, AGAIN I cannot put anything on the agenda, I cannot make a motion, I cannot VOTE!!!!!!!   So if anyone is blaming me, Get your Dam facts right!!!!!

    If this does not answer questions, and u do not want to call your affiliate or isr, give me a call, I will try and help u,    Cell 708 774 0604

    Thanks CRAIG MARCHBANK #00


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  • Thanks for the heads up craig,now i can get mention of stock stroke only ???Ill give you a call when i get a chance.

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  • .isr/ whoever it might be that thought of these stupid,ignorant, goofy fu*****g rules  just took 1 prostock 800 out of the mix for sure and we were competitive with it.  This is so stupid to do this when the sport is eroding to nothing. How do they think this will "improve" the sport? By going backwards?  No rail exstensions in imp classes?  Most all the  sleds i see and drive, have rail exstensions on them.  No studder buttons? wtf is with that? Who made that up is what i would like to know. What is the difference. It is PROSTOCK.  No shaft movement? I know our sled is stock, but i know alot of ck111 chassis`s  that are not. I feel bad for them guys. Its total bs. Looks like there will be one less trailer in the pits this year.  We will just have to go play at the backyard races. What a damn shame but hey, i didnt make these sh***y rules. Greg Thomas 330 301 5370. THIS IS NOT A STAB AT ANYONE ON HERE. SORRY TO BE SO UNPROFESSIONAL.

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  • they still have the promod class for the 800 class there just wont be many people in the prostock class if they have that class prostock.and by what cosdra sade he running the same rules as the last 2 years and he runs most of the good races .and if they do have a prostock class just dont put no bonus money in  that class just put it in the promod class.just kinda sucks was nice to run both not worried about it. it is what it not changing my sled.

  • I think its great that Craig came on here and explained these new rules, but I would feel a lot better about ordering new ignition boxes, having custom rails cut, moving shafts, re-tuning for no stutter, etc if I saw something in writing from isr. It seems unreasonable to expect these changes on such short notice. Maybe an isr affiliate can post a link to their website, or attach the actual isr bulletin to a post here??

  • why would they not let you move the shafts in pro 8??? I was going to build a ck3 this year but dont want to if its going to saw its self inhalf!! No

  • I was told from an affiliate that was at the meeting, that rail extentions was now allowed in all improved classes? but the no moving of the shafts for prostock was what he said. I'll see if I can get a hold of him and I'll try to post something. Maybe ARM-MECH can post a little on this.


    Where can I find the complete set of rules you will use?



  • On his website
  • what makes the msd7531 illegal and all the other ones not?  seems to me if you are going to single out one aftermarket ignition then they all must go.  not allowing studder buttons.  you want to tell me that they help that much.  i've seen many more races won without them then i have with them.   same with the shaft location.  my sled goes no faster with the 10t drivers then it did with the 9t.  promod will be the class to be in from now on. 

  • well this sucks !!just got done building a new chassie as the old one was worn out .heard they might also thy to get someone else to run hay days thats isr ??(not kris))??stopped racing stock because it was always a head ache, now prostock has turned into the same thing .think i'll have to stick with oval racing ,and forget this baloney !!

  • No wonder sactioned drag races have turn outs of 50-75 sleds spread over 15-20 classes. Meanwhile Snowdrags, hillclimbs, and snocross keep growing larger each year. It is totally unfair to "take away" modifications that were allowed in the past. These new rules are "not in the interest of safety" as cleated tracks were in the past. I don't understand why they would do this.

  • thats easy to answer that one factory dosnt want to see the old ck3 and old cats in the races.that is true not like the rules they changes are for safety  they been around for what like  10 years or easy for the new twins they already have 10 thooth drrives in them and plenty of room for studs not like the ck3.its not like if you get 8 sleds that have chaincases and shaft moved  show up and u only have like 3 twins show up what are they going to do tell u sorry u cant race.i cant see that happening.been told today cosdra got haydays and he is running last 2 years rules so dont worrie about just show up and many races out the on the grass are isr now not many

  • so do improvers need one piece rails? what a bunch of bs.  whats the reason for that? safety?

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  • Greg, eep, opp, orp, unprofessional.....Edit button....Not....

    Craig, Nice job standing up for yourself.

    COSDRA.....What rulebook? Changes like the promoters mood.  


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