Ice Drag/ Radar Run Test Track Located in N. Ontario

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Ice Drag/ Radar Run Test Track Located in N. Ontario

  • Attention Racers!!!....I am currently in the process of trying to finalize a very promising parcel of land. Although it is in it's infancy, and details are pending...this property hosts its own private landlocked lake, that has a controlled and gated/secure entrance thru private property. This is what we have been missing or lacking here in the North for years. Located in the southern part of Sudbury...belive it or not it is 2mins from all the ammenities, Hotels, bars, restaraunts, etc. This will make a weekend test session for the out of towners a little easier. Initially to be offered as  test and Tune Facility...660' drags will also accomodate a1000' radar track in the future, with sno drags also. There is a skim of ice on it already, and it is snowing now, at this rate we could be testing by Christmas! We are going to laser all distances this weekend. The potential here is overwhelming, to the point of all aspects of racing including moto x  ice ovals,etc. Once again this is private property, private landowner that is anxious to get something going here. all insurances are all ready taken into consideration, and for test and tune sessions a minimal cost to the racers, which is always good (flat fee) to run and test all weekend...required for strictly maintainence and costs for prep. Here's hoping....we could be drag racing in Northern Ontario once again........Thanks...Doug Welch


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  • This is excellent news!, let me know when and where.

  • Great news Doug keep us posted on any progress with this track i hope you can get something going this way ,the sport needs a serious boost to get people back in it, do you have some big iron you put together for ice,maybe NBSSR will go 1000 ft as well and make more people come out as well,its sad when we live in northern ontario and have to drive 6 hrs south to race oh well good luck with that and let me know if you need any help with anything ....Cheers... Nelson

  • Doug, this is excellent news, and very exciting.  Keep us posted.  If you need any help with anything, give me a shout and let me know.

  • interesting doug


    i sent u a email ........ 

  • Yes very interesting,,have an anxious individual that approached me last week.....he has already been clearing land and making road allowances. Not sure what the future holds.. but we will have to wait and see.

  • Sounds great! I know quite a few racers that would be interested! Keep us posted!



  • Doug, has there been any progress or information on this?