Drag races Whitesville, NY Jan. 15

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Drag races Whitesville, NY Jan. 15

  • Classes for vintage and late model sleds.  Track will be plowed snow.  Registration from 9:00 to 11:00 am, racing starts at noon.  All classes double elimination.  for more information go to www.sleddraggin.com.  Thank you.

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  • Hey guys--will be there -but only if you let me race my new Cat???--I gave up the Rush 600 til next seasons sponsor??--unless they have 1 they will let me use for the wkend???lol C yas there!!]">----& wont have the 800RevXP---which should make em' all happy!...!Adam---Jake--Cullen----lol

  • hope to be there. catgal31 you better be there or i'd miss picking on ya and the names you call me.lol

  • I'll be there, even though I have a pretty long drive. At least there is enough snow i wont have to worry about my sled over heating on the way over lol

  • LOL-It shouldnt be a problem gettin there!!!....&Tunedbyear-any namecallin--Its only love 4 ya!!!lol ---C yas there!!

  • i dont think i will be there guys. it mine and my sons birthday party. gonna do some sled riding and snowmobiling! yall are welcome to come! even you tuned by def ear....lol! good luck guys!

  • lol, no not def thats called selective hearing.

  • Hows the snow that way---rideable on trails???--we say after racin--lets go ridin!!!...Who's in???lol

  • The riding is pretty poor here right now, but they are predicting more snow this week - so maybe....

  • Hi ya Ryan!! GET SNOW???----Lets rip the trails after drags!!! lol

  • lets not pray for snow so I can come (plowing) working on a 7 day stretch and now only off due to scheduling mix up....Z

  • well there has been people riding by most of the week but i have no idea how it is though lol. but we will see how it is saturday

  • good luck guys! wish i couldve made it. had a death in the family so couldnt make it. and catgal i hope you beat tuned by def ear!! haha!!! just kiddin jake! post something on here on the placements!

  • Cuck 07 - so sorry for your loss.

    Thanks to everyone that came out and battled the cold, wind and snow yesterday - winter has definitely hit the southern tier of New York!  Special thanks to the Hemphills for use of their trailer for registration - that was the only warm spot on Beech Hill!  Lots of good racing as usual.  Nice to see all the spectators that rode in too - we're just off the marked trail.  The results should be posted on the Sleddraggin website soon.  The next Sleddraggin event will be the Vintage Snowmobile Triathlon on February 19th.  See you then!

  • had a blast yesterday despite it being snowy and windy. enjoyed my battles with Renee all day. you and Critter are the toughest people to beat. be my last race with my ZR until spring. but now its on to the Triathlons for me.