Arcade New York - Snowmobile Drag Races Sunday, February 13th

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Arcade New York - Snowmobile Drag Races Sunday, February 13th

  • The Tri-County Drifthoppers Snowmobile Club present the 8th Annual Arcade Winterfest Snowmobile Drag Races


    Sunday February 13th, 2011


    The drag races run on a 500-foot four-lane strip groomed snow track.

    Over 25 classes offered.  


    This year two Trail King classes have been added. 


    All classes have 100% payback plus certain sponsored class’ offer additional winnings!!


    Check the Club’s Web Site:    for full details, info, registration, rules…etc..


    Registration begins at 7:30 am and elimination races begin at 11am.


    Admission - $5, Pit Passes - $10  


    New track location on 7292 Route 98 and Genesee Road, just North of Arcade,

    Or - Ride in on your sled off trail C-3,

    Pit entrance off of Genesee Road.

    There’s food and vendors for all to enjoy. 

    Great family fun! 

   for full details.      

    Sunday Feb 13th.    See you there..!!!


    (After lurkin' for awhile and seeing a lot of drag racers hanging out in here, I'd figure i'd join up.  First post on here.... Yes    


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  •   The Drithoppers new track looked good at their fall race. I'm glad to see their races returning. They seem to always put on a fair race and keep the show at a good pace.

  • Tri-County DriftHoppers

    Arcade Winterfest Drag Classes

    · Jr#1 (400cc - Under Fan) ages 10-14 Recommended
    · Jr#2 (550cc - Under Fan) ages 14-16 Recommended
    · Jr#3 (500cc – Under Liquid) ages 14-16 Recommended

    · Vintage #1 (pre-91 Fan/Free-air)
    · Vintage #2 (pre-91 Liquid)
    · Vintage Mod (pre-91 Air Cooled)
    · Vintage Mod (pre-91 Liquid)

    Amateur Stock (NO studs, No Tie Downs, NO Pipes)
    · Amateur 500cc (No Studs)
    · Amateur 600cc (No Studs)
    · Amateur 700cc (No Studs)
    · Amateur 800cc (No Studs)

    King of the Trail (stock based chassis, engine mods and pipes allowed)
    · Trail Studs only, No Speed tracks

    Outlaw King of the Trail (stock based chassis, engine mods and pipes allowed)
    · Any power adders allowed (Turbo and NOS allowed)
    · Must maintain Min. suspension travel for safety
    · No lay down chassis or Pro-Stocks
    · Trail Studs only, NO Speed tracks

    ISR Stock (Studded, chisels allowed, Must have 2” Travel)
    · ISR 500cc
    · ISR 600cc
    · ISR 700cc
    · ISR 800cc
    · ISR OPEN

    ISR Improved Stock
    · Improved 500cc
    · Improved 600cc
    · Improved 700cc
    · Improved 800cc
    · Improved OPEN

    · Modified 600cc
    · Modified 700cc
    · Modified 800cc
    · Modified OPEN (Turbo and Nos allowed)

    4 Stroke Stock
    · 4 Stroke Stock 120hp under
    · 4 Stroke Stock 120hp over

    Kids Mini’s

    Kitty Kat
    120 Stock & Modified

    The track will be 500ft Groomed SNOW track. The track has already been started and with the fresh 8-10" of more snow this week we will be in good shape even if we get a little warm up. King of the Trial classes will be a winner take ALL. The other classes will have 100% payback with additional purse added for sponsored classes.

    Web site to be updated soon!


  •   One week until the Arcade races. Easy to get to and a great event to attend!!! Hope to see you there!!!

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  • This Sunday..!!!!

    Track is setting up GREAT..!!!!


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  • Hope to see some of you guys there this Sunday..

  • Typed by a fellow club member, but it says it all.....  

    Check out : for final results.

    Special thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, racers, and spectators that made this year's Winterfest snow drags a great success! What a great day of racing with Mother Nature being very good to us and the 250 racers that came out. Nice to see people from all over the state (and out) show up to help support this race. With the warmer temperatures and the Winterfest going on in town there was a nice crowd on the spectator side as well. With the warm up on the way for this week it was great to have so many people ride their sleds in from the trail system as well. The new King of the Trail sleds (both motor and Turbo/Nos) put on a great show of horsepower and speed. The track seemed to hold up very well considering the warmer temps of the day. I will have more info to follow along with the class winners to post later in the week once we have all recovered and get things back in order. Again, Thanks to all involved for making this a great event!
  • To Lee, club members, sponsors, and all involved, race well done! You had good help that kept everything going nicely. Was a tad slow in the beginning but everything picked up and finished racing well before sundown.


  • couldnt agree more was a great race on a great track would love to see a couple more at this venue in the winter i would def make the trip again