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  •                                            KASRA GRASS DRAG RESULTS 


    STOCK 500       1st:  Madison Pellerin 7.14666   67.08mph


    STOCK 600           1st:  Travis Dumont  6.241   80.13mph

                                     2nd:  Shawn Perley  6.367   80.63mph

    STOCK 700            1st:  Mike Moulton  5.745  85.44mph

                                    2nd:  Andy Pellerin  5.767  85.53mph

    STOCK 800           1st:  Andy Pellerin  5.610  86.82mph

                                    2nd:  Mike Moulton  5.686  85.88mph

    STOCK 1000         1st:  Mike Moulton  5.569  87.53mph

                                    2nd:  Andy Pellerin  5.669  87.45mph

    IMP ST 500           1st:  Madison Pellerin  7.064  67.17mph

                                    2nd:  Steve Osborne  9.211  50.98mph

    IMP ST 600           1st:  Steve Osborne  5.839  78.91mph

                                   2nd:  Travis Dumont  6.228  80.53mph

    IMP ST 700          1st:  Bob Witmer  5.449  91.56mph

                                  2nd:  Travis Dumont  5.974  82.69mph

    IMP ST 800          1st:  Adam Osha  5.266  93.98mph

                                  2nd:  Brandon Robinson  5.398  90.11mph

    IMP ST 1000       1st:  Bob Witmer  5.126  102.59mph

                                 2nd:  Marco Philipon  5.075  98.99mph

    PRO ST 600       1st:  Travis Dumont  5.86461  81.98


    PRO ST 700       1st:  Jan Gordon  5.62996 92.87mph


    PRO ST 800       1st:  Walter Joy  4.791  103.64mph

                                2nd:  Anthony Monk  4.806  102.45mph

    PRO ST 1000    1st:  Walter Joy  4.596  110.06mph

                                2nd:  Adam Osha  4.773  110.63

    O/M 700            1st:  Jan Gordon  5.89993  92.69mph


    O/M 800            1st:  Walter Joy  4.548  110.31mph

                               2nd:  Anthony Monk  4.918  102.79mph

    O/M 1000         1st:  Adam Osha  4.582  114.56mph

                              2nd:  Walter Joy  4.630  107.82mph

    P/M 800           1st:  Walter Joy  4.759  105.72mph

                             2nd:  Don Burgess  4.918  104.58mph

    P/M 1000       1st:  Walter Joy  4.745  110.77mph

                           2nd:  Adam Osha  4.518  111.41mph

    ProMax        1st:  Walter Joy  4.567  111.44mph

                          2nd:  Trey Weymouth  4.729  121.41

    ProMax N/A  1st:  Walter Joy  4.524  112.98mph

                           2nd:  Rene Fischer  4.725  109.40mph

    North Am Imp.  1st:  Adam Osha  5.196  96.31mph

                                2nd:  Bob Witmer  5.204  100.84mph

    North Am Pro.  1st:  Adam Osha  4.643  108.99mph

                                2nd:  Rene Fischer  4.753  109.89mph

    Mini 120          1st:  Mason McDunnah  15.396  26.06mph

                             2nd:  Alex Jones  16.180  26.71mph

    A BIG thank you to all race teams for your continued support!!


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  • Way to go big O.

    800 imp  #93     - benoit power -     Laird Racing   ingles performance




  • congrats mason on that McDunnah polaris power!!!  

  • Tks for the results. We all like to know how our compation is runing.
  • Great job Adam Osha . P/s 1000 and 800 Imp
  • Great job to all the winners,in ps 1000 classes,ALL teams had there issues,but we pulled out for leaking water for the second time,wish we kept her together to battle,Thanks to Kasra for a place to race,see you at the snobash.....Pat G.

  • How many ski-doo Walter have for win all class ?

  • 2 different sleds

  • Tank`s p/s 800 and o/m 800 ?

  • Ps 800 and ps 1000