COMPLETE Ian Tomassi stroker prostock 1000 w/ pipes, carbs, ignition

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COMPLETE Ian Tomassi stroker prostock 1000 w/ pipes, carbs, ignition

  • Complete running prostock 1000 engine set up includes motor, pipes, carbs, ignition etc...turnkey motor.

    ENGINE: 809 Mach Z bottom end with Iam Tomassi top end

    8800-9000 rpm / 112-114 fuel

    Waterpump block-off kit

    (Rings, seals, gaskets were done 1.5 years ago and has 12 passes on since).

    PIPES: Custom prostock 1000 pipes matched to motor and fit a Skidoo RT body

    CARBS: (3) Lectron 44 flatslides w/ powerjets and (3) K&N filters

    IGNITION: 1997 Skidoo 809 Mach Z CDI/ plug wires etc

    REEDS: Brand new V-Force 3's

    This is a complete package deal for a strong running motor...including everything above...NO CLUTCHES are included.

    I am a racer and not a wrencher...I bought the motor, I did not build it, so I will struggle answering technical questions. You can hear it run if you want to...not yet disassembled. Located in Janesville, WI (south central WI)

    Hospital bills forces loss is your gain.

    $4000 for everything...needs to go.


    414-807-6146 cell (best way to reach me)

    608-757-0861 home e-mail

    or PM me here at Am Snow



    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

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  • Small pic of the motor is in my avitar...more pics of the motor, pipes, carbs etc can be e-mailed upon request. Additional items thrown in below in BOLD.


    890 Mach Z with billet stroker Ian Tomasi motor

    44 flat-slide Lectrons (3)/ K&N filters(3)/ crankshop billet adapter plates (3)/ throttle cable

    (52mm Crankshop flat-slides (not T-slides) available if buyer is interested in buying them or working them into a deal)

    V-Force 3 reeds (I will also include a set of 3 billet Moto Tassanari Gen 1 reed cages w/ reeds for a back-up set)

    Custom prostock 1000 pipes w/ flanges

    Upgraded MSD high-performance coils and wires (I will also include a stock set of wires and coils off a 97 Mach Z)

    1997 stock mach Z CDI box

    Stator w/ recoil

    THIS IS EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE CLUTCHES to have a 100% running motor and hundreds of dollars worth of back-up parts.

    Motor is still in the ATV frame. Here it run today if you are near south-central WI

    $4000 for everything!!!!

    Must sell.



    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • whats the stroke/ bore combo of the 1006 motor? so you get the 1000 and a 800 stroker motor plus all them other parts for $4000? is the 800 a running race motor?

    Scraperdoo Snowmobile Salvage


  • I have 1 motor, taken out of a pro-stock 1000 sled...I do not have an 800, just the 1 motor..

    This running motor is a Mach Z 809 bottom end, stroked, with an Ian Tomasi head & cylinders + custom prostock 1000 pipes + billet crankshop carb adapters + lectron 44 carbs w/ K&N filters + throttle cable + CDI ignition box + stock coils & wires + MSD high-performance coils & wires + new V-force 3 reeds + billet gen 1 mototassanari reed cages w/ reeds + stator/ recoil + water-pump block-off kit....all for $4000 picked up or $4000 +shipping if I ship it to you.

    I was told it was a 73mm stroker. Looking in through a spark plug hole, I can make out the last part of the number stamped into the says 07700. I think that will tell you what you need...I am the lightweight guy who pulls the trigger, not the smart gut who builds these fast motors...I wouldn't know where to start. I thought it was a 1006, but it might be a 1018. I am told motor guys will know by that # that is stamped into the piston, but it was teched in a pro-stock 1000 sled at Haydays.

    Hope this helps.


    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • Make me an offer.


    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • what kinda times did you run on the atv??? with this motor..

  • 300 dirt drags: 3.8/3.9 @80 mph w/ time slips to back it up.

    1/4 mile 9.8 @140 mph w/ time slips to back it up.

    Lots of wheel spin at the line w/ terrible 60' times..then she hooks and the torque is insane!


    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • Do you know what type of hp numbers this made? It seems like  44 lectrons would not deliver enough fuel to a 1000 73 stroker. Please let me know what you think.The times seem ok for 300 Ft. Thanks Dick

  • Andy how come you never brought your sled out to the lake or any events around hear, did you only run it at monkey butt atv drags? just thought we would of seen you,

  • I was told that it made 272 at the crank on the builders dyno, buy I do not have the printout to back that up.

    I never had a fuel problem.2 pingles from the tank going to two fuel pumps, and each pump feeds all 3 carbs .

    I bought 52 mm crankshop carbs that could be worked into the deal if you are interested...they are huge.


    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • Medical problems and a spring surgery kept me off my toys for a good six months.

     The only reason I am selling the motor is to help pay off my hospital bill...after insurance, I still owe a ton of $.

    It has been on the ice at radar runs in northern IL (chain-o-lakes), holds the track record at Monkey Butt, but also raced at Burr Oak, West Bend, Boscabel, Mauston, Eleva, Strum, Whittenberg, Tigerton, and Crandon...many of these races were with the prostock 800 motor that was in the bike before this one.

    All asphalt racing was done at Union Grove, WI, Mid-America Motorplex in Iowa, and Milan Dragway in Michigan.

    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • If i would of know kirk was letting sleds run i would bring mine

  • Not a is a ATV, custom made and powered by a prostock sled motor.

    I race the unlimited open class.

    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • TTT

    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.

  • I will throw in a spare 1997 CDI box from a 1997 Mach Z.

    Complete running prostock 1000 Motor/ pipes/ carbs/ K&N's

    Plus 2 sets of reeds/ 2 sets of wires/ 2 CDI ignition boxes

    $3900 plus shipping


    Hayabusa powered 1300 cc DS-650.