for sale: Decker 508 reed motor in a 118 anderson cleated drag sled,new crank,new 44 carbs,(needs rotax ingredience)chassis is in good condition comes with new original glass or vintage glass of choice,$4500

Decker 660 reed motor complete with mre ignition,new built wahl 128 chassis all polished,polaris clutches,tons of information on this motor,$6000obo,800 cat wahl 121 om drag chassis 530 tripple,with msd ignition,very fast,complete $5500,will separate motors and chassis,3-121 rubber racing tracks with picks,not camoplast,$300 each, 2-128 camoplast racing tracks,nice shape no picks $400 ea.77 skidoo blizzard racing track, looks to be titanium with picks $500,suspension for this as well,fire burnt idler wheel,no springs,$250,77 cylinders,some ported,340,440,cases,cylinders $225 ea.cases $250,81 skidoo snopro clone 116 kit put together,mounted,glass,steering,rod ends,wahl skis,seat,tank,needs motor plant,track,suspension,shocks,$4000,78 250 rxl snopro restored $16000,90 arctic twin track a-arm $20,000,gpx liquid 340 snopro restored,not an original but motor is a original liquid $8000,snopro glass,decals,etc... thanks al