2001 zrt 600 ???

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2001 zrt 600 ???

  • Hi i have a 2001 zrt 600 that is completely stock except for a D&D clutch kit that i put in after the problem started .The sled is bogging,hesitating,stumbling when i crack the throttle . I have tried everything but can't get rid of this problem . I have checked compression reeds power valves pilot jets choke plungers main jets needle cleaned and blowen out the carbs 3 times carb boots fuel lines and fuel strainer and fuel . I have checked both clutches and i dont think it is a crank case seal because it's been like this for awhile and now i am out of ideas . The sled has tm flatslide carbs with a 135 starter jet and a 45 pilot jet and 310 main jet and a j8-9dh02 jet needle and i am at 1250 altitude . Please help
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  • Does the sled come out of the bog?I f so does it kinda fall off on the top?

    Could be a lean bog also. what have u tried for jets.

  • Hi yes only does it when i go from idel to wot then it's ok and it did fall off on top end but it had 22/41 gears in it . Now i put stock gears back in it 23/40 gears but dont know how it is on top end yet with the right gears in it . The sled is all stock except the clutch kit . The jets are stock and the carbs are ajusted to stock settings . What the book says . If it was lean why would it do the same thing at 70 degrees ?

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  • on my zrt race sled that was a 1108. the sled had a bog and then eventually came out of it, but fell off on top kinda sputtering. tured out to be the cdi box was going bad. try a differnt cdi. it could not be getting enough timing.
  • Hi well i tryed unpluging the kill switch and no change and i tryed checking all the stater wireing and all looks good also checked plug wirers and caps they are good checked motor monts . Turned up the idle close to engaugement did not help . Sled runs great as long as you dont go from idle to wot . I dont have a cdi to try . I think the only cdi that will work is the 2001 and the 2002 zrt 600 . I have one from a 2001 zrt 800 but i think that is differnt . Well i am stumped no more idea's
  • How old is your belt? Check the belt deflection
  • Hi i have check the belt/deflection . But thank you for the input .I know it's probley going to be something simple just cant find it yet .
  • Does the 2001 have carb switches?? I know that my 99 ZRT 600 did the exact same thing and I disconnected the switches and it never happened again, I don't know if the flatslides on your 01 have the same set up though. Just thought I would let ya know.. Rammer.. :-)
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  • Hi Thank you i tryed it and did not help . But i raised the needle 1 and no more bogging . I think it is fixed or i hope it's fixed . Thank you all for the help
  • Wendell,

    I fixed a 2002 zrt 600 with the same problem, turned out to be a combination of a bad key switch and bad bushings in the throttle lever that was making the the safety switches screwy.

    What I would do is to eliminate the entire sleds wiring harness by taking and unpluging the rubber 4 wire plug at the stator. There is 3 female connectors and 1 male.

    Nothing will work on the sled with that unpluged and you will have to kill it by jumping the 2 wires that are not yellow on the stator plug, that will shut it off..

    If it runs fine then the problem is in the sleds electrical and will rule out the electronics

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    If it looks stock...... It must be ???????
  • Hi thank you Mike i will check it but it seems fine right now but still need some snow to really try it out . But if i have any more problems i will try that next .