02 ZR 800 EFI wont start

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02 ZR 800 EFI wont start

  • I was wondering if anyone might be able to help pointing me in the right direction trouble shooting my sled. It ran the last time I attempted to start it without problem, but now it isnt getting fuel, I can see fuel in the lines so I know its not out, It is getting spark, but the plugs are dry. it will run for a second if I drip some fuel into the plug holes. Any suggestions?  thanks
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  • Clean your injectors. May also be fuel pump, take the line off at the injectors and pull it over to see if it squirts fuel. If you have older fuel drain it and replace with new.

    It is most likely that moisture got into the fuel at the injectors and have bunged them up.emoticons/emotion-12.gif

    Good luck & happy trails.

  • If the fuel system was completly drained it will take 25 pulls to start to pump it up.

    If you are running the sled say 45 mph and hit the kill switch while moving, it will suck the rails dry and take forever to pump it back up.

    Take the plugs out and squirt some premix in the holes and start it that way.

    It may take a couple trys to get it running again.

    If it looks stock...... It must be ???????
  • thanks, I will give cleaning the injectors and dumping the fuel a try, the fuel is a couple years old because I was too busy to get away last winter.