97 xlt limited clutch set up

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97 xlt limited clutch set up

  • i have a stock 97 polaris xlt limited sled and was wondering if anyone could tell me a good set up for my clutch for all around performance (weights and spring). thanks
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  • Hey Jasper. How r Ya? I concur on the Clutch setup for that Fellers XLT. A Guy I used to race with ran a setup like that with some Porting, head work and Pipes and he got that Monoblock to radar at 118 mph. in 2,000 ft. on Ice. Only XLT that could take him was an Old Geezer that used to live nearby our Lake that had a Turbo on his XLT Special. Now, that Beast was Wild! I don't think he ever radared it but judging by how bad he beat the natural aspirated 600, I'd wager he could top out over 125 easy with the right gears and secondary setup.

    Ciao 4 now.



  • Primary clutch, 10MB weights, Polaris 7041080 blue spring. Secondary clutch, 42/34 helix, SLP black secondary spring, 2nd hole. Some guys like 10MW weights in the primary with a 42/36 helix. Also found that an AAEN purple primary spring with 10M weights works well in that motor with a little porting and head work.