xcr 800 base gaskets

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xcr 800 base gaskets

  • does anyone know where i can get base gaskets without buying a complete gasket set besides polaris($$$).  thank you in advance.
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    Call Doug Flannery.. "269-792-0070" 

    I just bought 9 base gaskets from him to have on hand, they are not oem's

    but they are what he uses in his builds..  

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  • You can also buy gaskets from Cometic.
  • cometic are the best to use
  • I use the rubber coated cometic and they are very good..even reused them.Way cheaper than Polaris ones.

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  • Do yourself a favor if you are going to replace them.........while it's apart clean all of the cylinder studs, buy 12 new nuts, and use rubber coated Cometic gaskets. Remove the carbs so you have good access to all of the rear nuts, and remove all of the exh. flanges so you can access the front nuts. (good time to re-seal exhaust anyway). Some of those nuts are a biotch to get to and you really need to sacrafice a good 14mm wrench and socket to do it right. Use Locktite cleaner and primer on the studs and nuts before assembly and use removeable Locktite on the nuts. Ask 1000cc's above how many base gaskets he went thru on his XCR 800 motor in his edge before I had him let me do this to his sled. Never blew another base gasket after that. Good luck.


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  • ^^^what he said. get the aluminum rubber coated cometics.
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  • thanks for the help.