99 xc 600 smoking!

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99 xc 600 smoking!

  • I just bought a 99 xc 600 for my wife and it smokes really bad when it is idiling.  The previous owner said that he had to replace the oil resevoir because it was leaking.  He thought it was getting to much oil and thats why it is smoking.  It smokes like a wild fire.  Anyone ever seen this and how should I get it resolved?
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  • Sure is. Anytime you replace the throttle cable you need to properly reset the oil pump section of that same cable.
  • Thanks guys, I also just found out that he had replaced the throttle cable.  If that wasn't done right could that allow extra oil to get in?

  • Pretty easy to determine if coolant is entering the combustion area. Usually you will get a white smokey exhaust or a sweet odor of coolant being burnt. Another easy way is to pressurize the cooling system and wait a few minutes, pull the plugs, then motor over few times, and see if any coolant sprays out, or the piston tops become wet.
  • As other folks have said run it for a bit at least 5 mins. see if the smoke get less if it does some one could have loaded it up good with oil, let let it sit a  few mins and pull the plugs if the main parts of the plug are light tan or white and you just burnt off allot of something, coolant might be inside the cylinder, befor you put the plugs back in use a small flash light and look down the plug hole and look at the top of the pistons if they are black and oiley looking then you plugs are just burning dry but if the tops of the pistons look clean in most spots and no real carbon it may be poss head gsket or O rings, I think in this case pretty easy job but if you do pull the heads check them to be true (or flat) across the tops, check that first.  Jx
  • Jx650
    fastest way to tell this is to pull the plugs befor you start it see if any coolant on plugs end or on top of pistons, also the plug and piston tops will be real clean if its coolant or water getting in.

    So I pulled the plugs and they look clean except for the tip is black, what would it mean if there's coolant getting into the engine?

  • Maybe the motor was fogged?

    Maybe full of cheap oil? 

    Maybe the engine has been started and stopped so many times without really warming up, the crankcase and exhaust are all loaded up with unburnt oil?

     Here's my point. I wouldn't get too concerned about a problem like this until you get a chance to let the sled get good and warm - and then watch how much oil it's using. FWIW

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  • Most likely is when he replaced the bottle he didnt re-adjust the oil injection arm. Pilots could be too large. If that doesnt work try Chantix.

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  • 1st thing to try is check your oil injection adjustment If you have never done this get a factory tech book from the DLR. or a buddy. It sounds like its way off, Or also check if it is  coolant and not oil getting into the engine, fastest way to tell this is to pull the plugs befor you start it see if any coolant on plugs end or on top of pistons, also the plug and piston tops will be real clean if its coolant or water getting in.  If to much oil,the plugs and tops of pistons will be black and oily check this stuff first then go to next step, maybe some one else has had other things to check up on    Jx