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    Help- 02 500 XC SP

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    J B
    • Member since
      December 2009
    Help- 02 500 XC SP
    Posted by J B on Sunday, December 13, 2009 11:02 AM
    Hi, last year I had problems with my sled. It was running great all season. I took it out on pretty cold night. It ran great all night. The next morning I took it out of the shed and it was running rough instantly. It would run smooth and then “cough” every now and then. I changed plugs, but it didn’t help. I took it for a quick ride and it was short on power. To me it felt more like a clutch issue. It would rev up, but I couldn’t get any top end speed. I was not riding in powder the night before, so I highly doubt the carbs got iced. I didn’t get the exhaust valves cleaned before season, so I took them apart first. They didn’t look that bad since I didn’t put many miles on it the year before (about 3000 total miles on the sled). I took it to my local dealer and they fould the compression a little low in one cylinder. They tore it down and put in new pistons and sleeves ($1000). They delivered it back to my, but must not have had shut the fuel off. I couldn’t even pull start it to get it back into the shed that night. It felt tight and gas was running out of the exhaust. They took it back and got that fixed, but the sled still didn’t run right. We lost all of our snow before I got a chance to run it for more than a mile or two last year. I started it the other day and it’s still running rough. It actually backfires a lot while running or after shutting it off. They told me last year that it’s probably unburnt fuel in the engine. Is this possible? If so, how long will I have to run it to burn it out? I’m leary of burning another cylinder down. The plug color was maybe a touch light last year. Plug color is good now, but I’ll have to keep an eye on it. One thing that I did notice right away last year is that my key switch has a premium and regular fuel setting for the engine timing. The dash light does change when moving the key switch position. This happened about the same time. Could this be related? Could it be the brain box for the sled throwing the timing off? The sled is not fuel injected, so maybe that’s not the issue. Any ideas? Thanks!

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