srx gearing

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srx gearing

  • 8" drivers what is the best gearing for a 2000 srx

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  • I have 8 inch drivers on my 1998 SRX and am using 23:37 gears.  If I could find a larger top or smaller bottom gear I would install those.  Your SRX should easily pull these gears with the 8 inch drivers.

    The other modifications I have are a team secondary and an M-10 rear suspension with Ohlins, 1.25" Ripsaw track, and high compression billet heads with the appropriate carb jetting.

    I put less fuel in this sled during fill ups than any other sled that we ride with (Arctic, Polaris, or Doo's) averaging over 17 MPG.

  • Thanks I have 24/37 and 24 /38 and both are working for what we need thanks againWink

  • what are you trying to gear for? 660,1000? ice,grass,snow?

  • snow for trail riding I am using 1.25 ripsaw with 1,375 studs need to go to 8 inch drivers to clear, thanks and want to keep same top end .

  • i ran a 23/37 in my 98 for the trails and on the gun i would still pull 120mph on the lake. that is with clutching keep in mind.