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  • I have a complete top end for a 2001 srx 700 Cyl. Pistons, heads for sale Wink

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  • ttt

  • is there any year the srx 700's were better then other years as far as hp/ speed and performance? I was thinking about building a 700 improver and figured i might go with srx just because i can buy one for alot less than the cats or poo's i've looked at there is 3 or 4 in my area cheap and there all diffrent years then i would have more money for the build

  • 2000 2001 were the best

  • Price?

  • $800.00 plus shipping

  • I also have a complete running 2000 srx 700 motor f/s

  • Ttt

  • go with 2002....

  • Why

  • i was told 2000 and up were the ones to get but unsure what is better from 2000-2002.

  • 2001 is the best 2002 has the knock sensor in turn is great for trail riding witch retards timing in a lean condition but not good for racing and there are changes in all three CID boxes  we raced 2001 had the best luck with that sled

  • This guy is looking for a drag sled NOT a trail sled.....i run a 2002 improver...knock sensor is not needed nor used..........JET TO YOUR CONDITIONS! also 02 made the most out of the box horse power for its time. Still collecting trophys to date...I run againts pleanty of 99-01 srx's and ive yet to find one that compares. I also consistanly place in 700 mod and 800 improved. Any good drag sled is gonna cost time and $$$$$ to win. to be honest dont worry about year... Spend money on a good set of pipes port work and alot of time on clutch setup....of corse look forward to triming weight!!!  good luck

  • wow and there you have it

  • dude, your splitting hairs here. 00-01-02 are to close to call. can,t say one year here is better. 3:16 (yammie tony)

    YAMAHA HEAVEN / WINTER THUNDER /  1995 VMAX 800 bought new!! fastest yamaha ever run at the amsnow shootout 105.16 MPH. 1995 american snowmobiler shootout sled 2002 SRX 700 2000 SRX 700 1983 VMAX 540 1993 EXCITER SX  '' YAMAHA PERFORMANCE TONY BELLUCCO/ FRANK AMALFI.

     bracket  racer 2000 srx 700. 10.67 @ 116. first time out

    best to date. 10.49 e.t. 121.98 MPH

     JIACOBBES '' the super bowl of ny grass drags.